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Free Sex Game Is Where You’ll Cum From Now

So many platforms promised to make us forget about our favorite porn tubes for a more interactive alternative. First, it was the cam sites. Then it was OnlyFans. But there’s one thing these sites got wrong. They were trying to have us give up on unlimited free porn. And their interactive alternative was only coming with a premium membership. These alternatives do draw a lot of attention. However, even the men using them still get most of their porn from free sex tubes.

But we now have the true interactive alternative to free sex tubes. It’s our new site, Free Sex Games, and the title will give you all the info you need on how it will make you forget about watching videos on a sex tube. But you should know some details about the new games we offer. And you should also know how to best choose the titles that will please your needs based on the kind of experience you’re seeking. We’re going to teach you all about that in the following paragraphs. Keep on reading!

Our Sex Simulators Will Replace POV Porn

When you want a realistic sex experience from the perspective of one of the protagonists, you need to check out our sex simulators. Most of them will have you play as a man fucking all sorts of customizable chicks. We also have lesbian sex sims and straight sims in which you play from the female perspective. Queer players can also enjoy gay and futa sims on our site.

You will have so much liberty over the sex acts in these games. The whole experience can be as sensual or as dirty as you want. For more extreme kinks, we also have BDSM simulators in which you can play as either a master or a mistress. We’re working on finding some BDSM sims that would offer a proper gameplay experience from a slave perspective. We found some, but they’re not satisfying enough for this collection.

Our Visual Novels Will Replace Your Roleplay And Taboo Porn

We have a new generation of visual novels, which are coming with many RPG elements in which you can explore some of the fantasy scenarios that are popular on porn tubes. As you might expect, the most popular fantasy with the players of our VN games is the taboo one.

Since we have dozens of taboo VNs on our site, no matter what family member you imagine yourself as and no matter whom you want to fuck, we sure have the right game. We even have games in which you can pick any of the characters and then try to get the whole family into sinful incest that culminates with an orgy in the living room. We even have games with granny-grandson and grandad-grandaughter.

Other popular fantasies pleased by our VNs are sex with teachers, bosses, and secretaries, therapist corruption, cheating adventures, and cuckolding, some even including sissy training and forced bisexual husbands.

We Even Have Games To Make You Forget About Tinder

Another new category of realistic adult games is the dating simulator. In these games, you will play as a male or female, and you will have a big map to explore with many potential partners for sexual and emotional entanglements. You can manage multiple relationships at once, get romantically involved, manipulate, cheat, gaslight, and in some games, even use mind control techniques to turn women into your sex slaves. The interactions are done through text dialogue, and you will have to choose between different responses in these dialogues, which is how your relationship will evolve at first. After you’ve seduced or tricked a chick into fucking you, the sexual satisfaction of a character will also matter in how she’ll feel about you. The sex gameplay in these titles is similar to what you experience in sex simulators, maybe a bit less complex. But each character you’ll date will come with different things they like and kinks they can please. So, are you sick of all the Tinder drama and money-wasting on boring dates? Our dating simulators can help you with that!

And we have so many other games in our library. Go through them and discover what works best for you.

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